About HSENI's Mental Well-being at Work Advisory Service

HSENI have a small dedicated team who provide advice, guidance and support on how to control the risks associated with work-related stress using the HSE management standards approach.

The management standards

The management standards are a set of conditions that if managed correctly reflect a high level of mental health, well-being and organisational performance, however if not managed properly, can lead to excessive pressures in the workplace.

The standards identify six key aspects of work:

  • demands
  • control
  • support
  • relationships
  • role
  • change

The management standards focus on organisational level issues rather than individual cases.

Our mental well-being at work advisors have no enforcement role, HSENI’s approach to tackling work-related stress and mental well-being is to provide advice, guidance and practical help towards eliminating, reducing and controlling stress in the workplace.  

Our advisors are fully trained in the delivery of stress management programmes and can assist your organisation through the risk assessment process.

For more information on how HSENI can help your organisation please contact a mental well-being at work advisor as follows: