Working with lead and its compounds can pose a health risk if exposure is not controlled and good practices and good personal hygiene are not followed.

Exposure to lead can damage health - symptoms include headaches, stomach discomfort and anaemia. Other serious health damage includes infertility, nerve, brain and kidney damage.

It is important that any exposure to lead is minimised by following good work practices and procedures, the main route is usually ingestion, so good personal hygiene is paramount.

The Control of Lead at Work Regulations [Northern Ireland] 2003 place duties on employers to prevent or, where this is not reasonably practicable, control any lead exposure to their employees, and when relevant, medical surveillance by an appointed Doctor.

The GB Approved Code of Practice L132 Control of Lead at Work  has been approved for use in Northern Ireland.  More information on working safely with lead can be obtained at the HSE website at the following link:

For details on how to find an appointed doctor please see the 'Appointed doctors' web page at the following links: 

For information on the HSE List of laboratories for blood lead analyses see the following link: