Workplace transport

A wide variety of transport vehicles may be found within workplaces. Causes of transport incidents may include, being struck by a moving vehicle, falling from a moving vehicle, or being stuck in an vehicle which turns over.


Being struck or run over by moving vehicles, falling from vehicles, or vehicles over-turning are the most common causes of workplace transport incidents.  

Vehicles operating in the workplace include cars and vans, lift trucks, heavy goods vehicles, dumpers, specialised vehicles or plant.  

Often there is significantly more danger from vehicles in the workplace than on the public highway as the operating conditions are different.

Safe people

Operators should be physically and mentally fit to drive or operate machinery as well as competent to do the work.

Safe vehicle

Vehicles must be safe, right for the job, driven safely, accessed safely, regularly maintained, repaired and inspected. 

Safe site

Vehicles should be segregated from other users of the site during vehicle movement or loading/unloading.


Key legislation

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