Farm Safe Essentials

Farm Safe Essentials

Farm Safe Essentials

As part of the 2020-2023 Farm Safety Action Plan, the Farm Safety Partnership will concentrate on specific 'Farm Safe Essentials', aimed to reduce the number of serious and fatal incidents relating to frequently recurring causes.

These key actions which every farmer should employ to protect themselves and others from the situations which have tragically led to death and serious injury, will be highlighted on this page during the course of this plan.

We encourage those working on farms to take these simple precautions in order to prevent injury and death and to embed that behaviour in future working practices:


Don't let roofs be your downfall

Stay off roofs

  1. All work at height MUST be planned AND fragile surfaces identified by a competent person
  2. Anyone undertaking work at height MUST be adequately trained and competent to do the job
  3. Any equipment used for working at height MUST be suitable for the job
  4. Equipment MUST be adequately maintained with relevant safety checks completed by a competent person
  5.  Any person operating this equipment MUST be familiar with the equipment AND trained to operate it
  6. All leading edges must have suitable and sufficient protection to stop people falling from height both internally and externally
  7. Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPS) (e.g. scissor lifts or cherry pickers) are the preferred method for working at height if a scaffold platform cannot be erected

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Slurry Gas: One breath can kill

Give slurry space

  1. Leave the shed IMMEDIATELY once mixing starts
  2. Stay out of the shed for AT LEAST 30 MINUTES from the start of mixing
  3. Never go into the shed to check if the tank is mixing properly or to redirect the pump until AT LEAST 30 minutes has passed
  4. If the pump is repositioned restart the pump and leave the shed IMMEDIATELY, stay out of the shed for AT LEAST ANOTHER 30 MINUTES as more pockets of gas may be released
  5. Make sure that NOONE ELSE enters the shed during mixing and keep children and animals  away
  6. ALWAYS follow the safe slurry mixing code

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Don't be caught out by a bull

  1. NEVER trust a bull, ALWAYS stay alert
  2. ALL breeds of bull are dangerous and can kill
  3. ALL bulls should be ringed from 10 months old, NEVER ring your own bull
  4. If a bull shows ANY signs of aggression the farmer MUST cull at the earliest opportunity
  5. A purpose built bull pen is ESSENTIAL for dairy bred bulls
  6. Farmers MUST have adequate handling facilities for their bull
  7. Never let the bull into the milking parlour with the cows
  8. When working with a bull work in pairs OR let someone know where you are AND carry a mobile phone in case of emergency
  9. When checking livestock and a bull in a field use a vehicle which can act as a refuge in case of emergency
  10. ALWAYS plan an escape route

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#1 Check Your Brakes

No brakes, no chance

Essentials - Safe Breaks

  1. Brakes and handbrakes MUST be in good working order. Follow the service schedule or advice from an agricultural engineer
  2. Check your foot brake and hand / parking brake daily
  3. When stopping vehicles ALWAYS apply the hand / parking brake and use the safe stop procedure
  4. Machinery SHOULD be fitted with brakes designed for the load and speed at which they will be used
  5. Trailer brakes MUST be maintained, and where possible be linked to the tractor braking system to operate automatically when the tractor brakes are applied
  6. NEVER use un-braked trailers on sloped ground
  7. Where independent braking is not required ensure the brake pedal latch is in place and the brakes are not pulling to one side. Brakes must always be linked on the public road

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