If you employ people then you should review your risk assessments based on the most up to date information provided by the Public Health Agency (PHA) and take appropriate action.


In Northern Ireland the Public Health Agency (PHA) are taking the lead and co-ordinating all advice and information. Their website can be accessed via the link below and should contain the most up to date local information and guidance:

HSENI Contact details during the pandemic

During the pandemic, if you need to contact HSENI please refer to our contact page below:

Guidance for Employers and Businesses

The information provided in the following link will help you and your workers prevent the spread of COVID-19:

For people working in some sectors specific advice is available at:

Implications of COVID-19 on Health and Safety at Work Statutory Provisions

HSENI recognise the additional burdens and concerns caused to businesses because of the staffing and financial aspects of COVID 19. However, it is important that businesses continue to address health and safety issues and prevent injury or ill health, not only in compliance with regulations, but also to reduce the burden on health services who may be under severe pressures dealing with COVID19 cases.

General Approach

Employers should continue to assess risk, and look at the application of current COVID-19 guidance and how this relates to the risks in their own workplaces. It will likely warrant changes in certain practices, and where this is the case employers should look at the impact on general risk control procedures and measures, reassessing them if applicable.  This includes building-in suitable cover and capacity for safety critical processes. 

The overarching aim always being to reduce the risk to as low a level as is reasonably practicable and in doing so, protect employees and the public and also reduce the burden on the health service.

HSENI is working through various statutory implications of the measures being introduced as a direct result of COVID-19 and will aim to provide as much advice and guidance as possible over coming days. 

As the situation continues to develop, risk assessments and measures taken should be updated regularly as new advice or information is provided.

The following frequently asked health and safety questions, will attempt to provide further guidance on where some of these impacts will be felt in industry and beyond.

If you have any further questions these should be directed to mail@hseni.gov.uk. This document will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Health and safety related FAQs during COVID-19

HSENI has produced some guidance and advice on frequently asked health and safety at work questions amid the Coronavirus pandemic:

Example risk assessment template for workplaces during COVID-19

HSENI has produced an example risk assessment which shows the kind of approach HSENI expects a small business or workplace to take when carrying out a risk assessment for Covid19 in your workplace.

Legionella risk associated with the operation of wet cooling plant

HSENI would like to remind dutyholders about the risk from legionella bacteria associated with the operation of wet cooling plant amid the Coronavirus outbreak:

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)

For advice and information on Respiratory Protective Equipment please see our topic page:

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers

HSE has published guidance on how to apply for a derogation from the requirements for product authorisations for propan-2-ol/isopropanol hand sanitiser products. There is also updated information on Article 95 requirements for alcohol active substances to be used in hand sanitiser products:

Decontamination in non-healthcare settings

Guidance has also been developed by Public Health England on decontamination and cleaning of areas where a possible or confirmed COVID-19 case has spent time while symptomatic:

Further information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The following links provide up to date information for all of the United Kingdom:




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