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Contractors licensed for work with asbestos insulation or asbestos coating

Published 11 September 2019Advice and GuidanceLists and Registers

The Mines Regulations 2014 - Guidance on Regulations L149

Published 29 August 2019Advice and Guidance

BuildHealth Annual Conference 2019 - event flyer (Fully Booked)

Published 21 August 2019Promotional material

HSENI register of diving contractors

Published 05 July 2019Lists and Registers

Approved Medical Examiners of Divers

Published 19 June 2019FormsAdvice and Guidance

HSENI gifts and hospitality register 2019/20

Published 18 June 2019Lists and Registers

Report of a dangerous gas fitting (NI2508G2)

Published 06 June 2019Forms

Notification of licensed asbestos removal

Published 06 June 2019Forms

List of subordinate health and safety legislation

Published 21 May 2019Legislation and regulations

List of impact assessments

Published 21 May 2019Legislation and regulations

Coping with the Pressures of Farming

Published 16 May 2019Advice and Guidance

Construction group statistics 2019

Published 14 May 2019Advice and Guidance