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A simple guide to the CDM Regulations (NI) 2016

Published 27 June 2016Promotional materialLegislation and regulations

Safe skin - working in the sun

Published 17 May 2016Advice and Guidance

Construction group statistics 2015

Published 02 February 2016Advice and Guidance

Risk assessment and plans of work for licensed asbestos removal work

Published 16 October 2015Advice and Guidance

Decontamination of asbestos contaminated plant

Published 08 June 2015Advice and Guidance

L117 Rider-operated lift trucks - GB ACOP approved for use in NI

Published 23 January 2015Advice and Guidance

Control of asbestos - reading list

Published 15 January 2015Advice and Guidance

Managing asbestos in schools within Northern Ireland

Published 16 April 2013Advice and Guidance

Pre-stressing concrete information sheet

Published 08 February 2013Advice and Guidance

Electrical safety - make it your priority

Published 01 January 2013Advice and Guidance

Safe maintenance - managing contractors checklist

Published 10 December 2012Advice and Guidance

Managing contractors action plan

Published 12 October 2012Advice and Guidance

Contractors safety brief

Published 19 September 2012Advice and Guidance

Safe maintenance - contractors

Published 31 August 2012Advice and Guidance

Asbestos management - checklist for schools

Published 01 June 2012Advice and Guidance

Managing asbestos in schools - questions and answers

Published 31 May 2012Advice and Guidance

Reducing manual handling of plasterboard - best practice guidance

Published 20 January 2012Advice and Guidance

Important guidance if you are building or renovating your own home.

Published 27 November 2011Advice and Guidance