Approved Medical Examiners of Divers (AMEDs)

Approved Medical Examiners of Divers are appointed by HSENI to carry out medical examinations to ensure medical fitness to dive at work.

Information for Approved Medical Examiners of Divers (AMEDs)

A current list of approved Medical Examiners of Divers can be accessed from the following link:

Your appointment as an AMED requires you to undertake specific refresher training. As an AMED you are responsible for ensuring you keep your training certificate up to date.

AMED approval process

Information regarding the approval process for Approved Medical Examiners of Divers (AMEDs) and doctors who are interested in becoming an AMED can be found on the HSE (GB) website at the following link: 

Please note that AMEDs and prospective AMEDs are required to complete HSENI forms and not those of HSE which may be contained within HSE guidance documents.  

HSENI forms relating to AMEDs can be accessed from the following links:

HSENI forms should be emailed to the following address:

HSENI appeals

If you wish to appeal any decision send the request in an email to the following address:

Information for employers

For general information on diving, including medical requirements, please see the diving section of our website at the following link:


Medical Certificate of Fitness to Dive (HSE MA2) (dual HSE/HSENI form issued by HSE) – AMEDs should request copies of this form by email from HSE (GB) at:

From 1 October 2016, the information on the MA2 form should be entered electronically to the HSE database and a copy of the form given to the diver. 

Key legislation 

Please note that these links are to the original legislation, visitors should verify for themselves whether legislation is in force or whether it has been amended or repealed by subsequent legislation.