Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland


04 December 2023 - Press release
HSENI has launched its 2024 ‘Avoid Harm on the Farm’ child farm safety calendar. The annual publication focuses on ... more
24 November 2023
Congratulations to Tilly Pass who have been awarded Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) Affiliate status and were today... more
20 November 2023
HSENI will focus on the safe loading and unloading of vehicles in the haulage and logistics sector as part of its... more

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Chief Executive

Robert Kidd is the HSENI Chief Executive. He took up this position on 28 January 2019.


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Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland
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In the first instance you are advised to search our website for the information you are looking for. If you cannot find the information you require via our website, you should email or phone 0800 0320 121 to submit your request. Your request should include your name, contact address (email or postal) and details of the information you require.

Whilst there will be staff in our offices on all days they may not be in a position to help you and we do not have a drop-in service. Again, if you want to request a meeting with a member of staff you should submit a request as set out above. Please do not cold call at any HSENI premises.