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Registration of diving contractors

Published 15 September 2016Forms

Buildhealth annual conference 2016 - event flyer and programme

Published 14 September 2016Promotional material

HSENI register of diving contractors

Published 08 September 2016Lists and Registers

Quarry vehicle safety

Published 05 September 2016Advice and Guidance

Contractors licensed for work with asbestos insulation or asbestos coating

Published 02 September 2016Advice and GuidanceLists and Registers

Forklift trucks

Published 23 August 2016Advice and Guidance

Notification of new construction project (NI10)

Published 01 August 2016Forms

Electromagnetic Fields at Work - Certificate of Exemption

Published 01 August 2016Authorisations and exemptionsLegislation and regulations

List of subordinate health and safety legislation

Published 01 August 2016Legislation and regulations

List of impact assessments

Published 01 August 2016Legislation and regulations

HSENI Board meeting minutes 2016

Published 29 July 2016Board Meeting Minutes

HSENI approved first aid at work training providers

Published 29 July 2016Lists and Registers

Construction group statistics 2016

Published 14 July 2016Advice and Guidance

Electromagnetic fields at work - note for Northern Ireland readers

Published 11 July 2016Advice and GuidanceLegislation and regulations

Emergency contact numbers for the farming community

Published 07 July 2016FormsPromotional materialAdvice and Guidance

CDM Regulations (NI) 2016 - Transitional arrangements

Published 05 July 2016Advice and GuidanceLegislation and regulations