Young people


Young people are vital to our future. However, from a workplace health and safety point of view young people are of particular concern as they face an increased risk of injury and death at work due to their inexperience, lack of a maturity and appreciation of risk.

Guidance and support

All young people need guidance and support to give them with the knowledge and skills necessary to make sure they can work safely and stay healthy no matter what job they do, whether they are:

  • on work experience
  • about to enter work for the first time, either directly from school or college, or
  • apprentices who have already joined the workforce 


A child is anyone who has not yet reached the official age at which they may leave school, just before or just after their 16th birthday; often referred to as the minimum school leaving age.

A Young Person is anyone who is over the minimum school leaving age but has not attained the age of 18.

Young people

  • at work
  • on work experience
  • risk assessment
  • restrictions on work by age
  • in agriculture
  • working hours and rest


Key legislation

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