HSENI proposals for amendments to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (NI) 1993 - Summary of Consultation responses and HSENI Comments

This is a summary report of the outcome of the HSENI’s formal, statutory consultation on proposals on amendments to the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1993 (S.R. 1993 No. 20) (PPER).

The consultation document (CD) invited responses to PPER, which place a duty on every employer in Northern Ireland to ensure that suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to employees who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work. Currently, employers only have a duty to their ‘employees’ in respect to PPE – changes to the legislation will ensure this duty also extends to ‘limb (b) workers’.

Amendments to the PPER legislation throughout the devolved jurisdictions will ensure their administrations reflect a High Court judgment and will apply across Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Before finalising its proposals HSENI will consider any further evidence provided from the consultation process and any conclusions reached in the GB final stage Impact Assessment.

The CD was published on the HSENI website and the consultation exercise ran from 9 November 2022 to 13 January 2023.

Letters were issued to approximately 430 consultees inviting comments on the proposals, costs relevant to Northern Ireland and the conclusion that the proposals would have no adverse effect on section 75 groups.

During the consultation period there were 200 different viewers on the website and the CD was downloaded 244 times and 3 formal replies were received.

Details of the consultation responses and HSENI comments are set out in the table below:

Date recevied Consultee Name Reponse HSENI Comment
12 January 2023 Sinn Féin Welcomed proposals Acknowledged
12 January 2023 Ulster Teachers' Union Welcomed suggested changes Acknowledged
11 January 2023 Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council Agree with proposals Acknowledged