HSENI’s Mental Well-being at Work Advisory Service

The Mental Well-being at Work Advisory Service is a small dedicated team of advisors who provide advice, guidance, workshops, webinars and support on how to control the risks associated with work-related stress using the HSE management standards approach. The management standards focus on organisational level issues rather than individual cases.

How HSENI can help employers

Our advisors can assist your organisation through the risk assessment process from securing commitment to continuous improvement.

Depending on the needs of your organisation and where resources permit, our mental well-being at work advisors can assist with:

  • securing commitment from senior managers
  • communicating key aspects of the process to staff
  • facilitating Step 2 of the process (development and collation of data from the indicator tool)

Implementing the management standards in your organisation will:

  • help ensure your organisation’s compliance with the legal requirements for work-related stress
  • follow best practice approach to risk assessment
  • promote active discussion and working in partnership with employees to help decide on practical improvements that can be made

Our mental well-being at work advisors are fully trained in the delivery of stress management programmes and have no enforcement role, HSENI’s approach to tackling work-related stress and mental well-being is to provide advice, guidance and practical help towards a potential solution to eliminating, reducing and controlling stress in the workplace.

Our Advisors:





Claire Kelly                           David Beck                            Selina Casey

To further assist organisations in this process HSENI have developed interactive workshops and webinars, suitable for HR and H&S officers. These workshops are available free of charge. Further information on this can be found at our events page

Should an inspector from HSENI visit your premises they may undertake enforcement action in the form of an improvement notice, where duty holders fail to show sufficient commitment to, or make sufficient progress in, assessing the risks from work-related stressors. An organisation would be unlikely to be subject to enforcement action by HSENI provided it could demonstrate it had adequately assessed the risks and was taking steps to address any problems identified.

 For more information please contact a mental well-being at work advisor.

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Small businesses

The HSENI risk assessment tool, is designed for organisations with fifty or more staff. HSENI has provided additional advice for small businesses.