Minutes of HSENI Senior Management Team meeting - March 2020

Minutes of Senior Management Team (SMT) meeting held on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at 1:00pm in Chief Executives Office, HSENI, 83 Ladas Drive, Belfast.


  • R Kidd - Chair and Chief Executive
  • L Burns - Deputy Chief Executive
  • N Monson - Deputy Chief Executive
  • B Monson - Deputy Chief Executive

1. Apologies

There were no apologies.

2. Minutes from the previous meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

3. Action Points

The action point list was worked through. In relation to Body Worn Video, work is being done in respect of managing recordings. Some aspects of the security review are still ongoing. Other matters are covered by the action point list.

4. Corporate Health, Safety and Welfare

It was noted that a premises inspection is due for the office at Ladas Drive.

5. Audit, Risk Management and Finance 

The Case Management System exercise on audit has been carried out with an auditor attending and checking documentation. The GDPR audit has been delayed and this may need flagged prior to next Audit Risk Management Committee meeting.

L Burns advised SMT that a separate finance review meeting is scheduled for next week as we approach the end of the financial year.

6. HR 

SMT discussed a number of issues which currently exist on the HR agenda around filling of vacant posts including EU Exit related posts and running of a Principal Inspector promotion board. It was also noted that we have a couple of new staff joining us in the coming weeks. The vacancies are highlighted in a separate HR report.

7. Case and Project Work

Major Investigation Team (MIT) update 

N Monson highlighted the challenges facing MIT given the number of ongoing cases. It was agreed that MIT would continue to oversee and direct all major files.

Case Management System (CMS) update

SMT noted that the CMS risk assessment tender which is required by Department of Finance (DoF) got no expressions of interest from the contractors who were approached. The issue has been drawn to the attention of DoF. 

EU Exit / Transition period

There was a discussion on how this might be staffed in terms of a temporary promotion opportunity to Deputy Chief Executive with potential temporary promotion backfill. In addition there is scope to recruit at Grade 7 level from an existing list within the Department.

8. 2019/20 Operating Plan 

Nothing further to report.

9. Performance Monitoring 

There was a discussion around the key statistics. These are covered by a separate report.

10. Board Business

The Chief Executive will follow up with Board Chair regarding feedback to Heads of Group from the session held with the board.

11. Any other business

  • Lone worker guidance has been revised by Health and Safety Executive GB and it was agreed that we would consider any possible changes that we might need to make.
  • The Chief Executive agreed to follow up with PS Minister on the email sent previously concerning notification of fatalities to Minister and the procedure for this.
  • SMT discussed the issue of mental health and the HSENI role given the significance this has in the Assembly agenda.
  • It was noted that the Farm Safety Partnership Draft Agreement has now been finalised.
  • SMT noted the ongoing and developing risk in relation to Covid-19 and the potential this could have on our business activity.

12. Date of the next meeting

The next SMT meeting is planned for 1 April 2020.