Minutes of HSENI Senior Management Team meeting - October 2018

Minutes of the HSENI Senior Management Team (SMT) meeting held on 22 October 2018 at HSENI office, Ladas Drive, Belfast

In attendance:

  • B Monson
  • N Monson
  • L Burns

1. Apologies

There were no apologies

2. Minutes of last meeting

To follow.

3. Update on Agreed Action Points

  • Corporate Plan powerpoint slides (RM) (Completed)
  • Corporate Plan on website (KM) (Completed)
  • ACTION - Incident notification escalation procedure (RM) (Ongoing)
  • ACTION - Comms cover (RM) (Ongoing)
  • ACTION - Risk Register (LB) (Ongoing)
  • ACTION - Inspection Ladas Drive (NM will undertake this)
  • ACTION - Op Plan calling note (LB) (will complete w/c 22.10.18)

4. Corporate Health, Safety and Welfare

SMT noted no incidents since the last meeting. Inspection of Ladas Drive office - see 3rd point in section Update on Action points.

5. Audit, Risk Management and Finance

SMT considered the risk register and emerging risks. Reputational risk amended to reflect an ongoing matter. No emerging risks were identified.

L Burns explained that the 2018/19 budget has now been confirmed by Department for Economy, it is in line with prediction. No information has been issued on the 2019/20 budget.

SMT discussed finance to end of September. Staff and Operating costs – 50% spend and Programme – 22.9% spend. A Finance stocktake meeting has been arranged for 7 November 2018.

6. HR

SMT considered the absence statistics for year to date. L Burns explained that the average HSENI absence rate was 5.42%. HSENI’s absences account for 96.77% of the working days lost. On average 91.18% of staff didn’t have any absence at all which is a very good record.

SMT agreed a Temporary Promotion proposal for the Training Unit to cover maternity leave. SMT discussed recruitment exercise and staffing pressures. These will be kept under review by Heads of Groups and SMT.

7. Case and Project Work

SMT discussed the current caseload of the Major Investigation Team. The current caseload is at capacity.

B Monson updated SMT on the Case Management System (CMS) project which is progressing as planned. The last additional module to comply with GDPR is awaiting specification. All other modules have been agreed. Ongoing project to source temporary specialist staff for testing phase. Testing expected to begin in early 2019. N Monson reported that the new 'Out Of Hours' rota would go live on 1 November 2018.

8. Business Planning

SMT noted that the 2018/19 Operating Plan target is now amber as the deadline for printing had been missed. It is currently at the printers. SMT also noted that the calling note for the 2019/20 Operating plan would be issued week commencing 22 October 2018. B Monson will prepare a sector intelligence report on ‘serious’ showing casual incidents (where possible).

9. Performance Monitoring

B Monson updated SMT on the HSENI performance statistics using the new Cube system as detailed below (last year figures in brackets):

  • Total RIDDOR reports – 1190 (1412)
  • Work-related fatalities - 7 (7)
  • Advisory Visits – 1187
  • Complaints – 483 (486)
  • Improvement Notices – 45 (26)
  • Prohibition Notices - 88 (100)

ACTION: All field staff – CMS to be kept up to date
ACTION: All P.I.’s – Complaints – P.I.’s to review open complaints to ensure timely recording and closure – this must be done every quarter end – a CMS report is available for this.

10. Board Business

SMT discussed preparations for the next Board meeting on 25 October 2018.

11. Any other business

SMT considered forward diaries and key events over the next few months, including the NIPSA Conference on 23 October, the ONR Review – Peer review, SMT noted the work carried out on this project and thanked those members of staff involved.

ACTION: NM and AB – a policy to be developed for Managing Affected Parties.

12. Date of next meeting

The next SMT meeting has been scheduled for 19 November 2018 at 9.30am in Ladas Drive.