Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (NI) 1997 – Class Exemption

Date published: 05 April 2023


The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) have issued a Class Exemption under the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1997 (GSMR).

Image reads Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (NI) 1997 - Class Exemption

GSMR applies to the conveyance of natural gas through pipes to domestic premises and other consumers and places duties on those conveying gas via a safety case regime. Those wishing to convey gas within Northern Ireland must prepare a safety case which outlines how they will manage the risks arising from the activity of gas conveyance. The regulations also outline the actions to be taken in gas supply emergencies and during gas escapes and they set specified values for the gas composition permitted to be conveyed.

GSMR legislation has been amended in Great Britain (GB). This exemption will result in the gas being conveyed through the Scotland Northern Ireland Pipeline remaining legally compliant in both GB and NI. The original legislation identified Incomplete Combustion Factor (ICF) and Soot Index (SI) as controlling parameters for gas quality. The new legislation replaces these parameters with a Relative Density measure. This is in line with improvements in technology. The change has been assessed by HSE, who have concluded that the proposal does not lead to a diminution in safety standards.

You can view the exemption certificate at the following link:

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