HSENI is calling on employers to effectively manage work-related stress

Date published: 10 October 2019

Today is World Mental Health Day and HSENI is focusing on the need for employers to adopt the HSE Management Standards as an effective approach for managing work-related stress which is a major cause of mental ill-health.

A recent UK-wide report from Investors in People (IIP)* highlighted the Northern Ireland region as having the greatest percentage of employees who are experiencing stress as a result of work, with 85% saying they have felt stress while at work. To compound matters further, Northern Ireland also had the lowest score for whether employees felt that their workplace supports their mental health (29%) and if managers take mental health into account (33%).

HSENI has been proactively reaching out to employers to raise awareness of the scale of the problem of work-related stress, providing support and advice through its Mental Wellbeing at Work Advisory Service. In the last year alone HSENI has delivered dedicated workshops to over 100 employers that have focused on how employers can effectively apply the Management Standards through a step-by-step assessment approach.

Kyle Carrick, Principal Inspector within HSENI said, “The scale of the problems associated with work-related stress is only beginning to be understood, the direct costs alone are significant and it is recognised that the indirect costs are even greater. There is an irrefutable moral, financial and legal case that employers need to take on board and HSENI is keen to help them meet this challenge by providing them with the necessary tools and support to effectively implement the Management Standards as a best practice approach within their organisation.”

Further information on HSENI’s Mental Wellbeing at Work Advisory Service and a range of advice and resources for organisations on effectively managing work-related stress can be found on the HSENI website at www.hseni.gov.uk/stress, by contacting HSENI on 0800 0320 121 or by emailing stress@hseni.gov.uk.

Information on upcoming workshops is available at www.hseni.gov.uk/articles/health-and-safety-events


* Figures taken from the IIP report “Managing Mental Health in the Workplace 2018”

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