The Minister for DfE published safety guidance for workplaces giving practical advice and steps to be considered during the Covid-19 crisis.

It includes advice on Public Health Guidelines, Safer Work Practices and Mental Health and Well-being.

A list of Priority Sectors was also published to clarify what constitutes a priority sector at this time, and to support Northern Ireland companies to continue their business operations and protect the incomes of their workforces. 

The Minister said:

“I want to thank the Forum for working collectively and collaboratively to protect workers and to safeguard vital supply chains. It was very important that so many organisations from across our economy were represented and it is reassuring that they are united in their determination to work together towards a common goal.

“The list is published for advisory purposes to allow companies to make their own decisions. If a company can work within the social distancing guidelines then it should do so. The safety guidance will have practical application in the workplace.

“Along with the accompanying guidance on safe working practices, the list is there to protect everyone in the workplace, to ensure our essential supply chains remain solid and to help Northern Ireland be ready to rebuild its economy when this crisis has passed.”

Both documents are available to download at the link below:

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