Workplace Transport Campaign - Concrete premises inspection proforma


This proforma will be used for inspections during the Workplace Transport Campaign.

Safe site

  1. Is there adequate signage at site entrance - (warning of vehicle movements / speed limits / park areas / customers and visitors to report to reception /office / weighbridge)?
  2. Are there designated parking areas - (employees / visitors / site vehicles)?
  3. Is there a reverse parking policy?
  4. Are there safe routes for persons to travel from parking areas to office / work areas?
  5. Are there workplace transport rules provided to drivers / visitors?
  6. Are procedures in place for small load customers (trailers etc)?
  7. Is there a documented workplace transport risk assessment?
  8. Is there a traffic management plan?
  9. Are traffic routes identified and sign-posted?
  10. Are vehicle one-way systems in use?
  11. Is appropriate high vis Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided, used and maintained?
  12. Are there designated routes for pedestrians to travel around site?
  13. If Yes to 12 - Have protective measures i.e., physical barriers, been used to physically segregate pedestrians from vehicles?
  14. Are pedestrian routes maintained?
  15. Are separate pedestrian / vehicle access / egress points available at buildings / sheds?
  16. If Yes to 15 - Are protective measures i.e., physical barriers provided at building / shed access / egress points to prevent pedestrians walking onto traffic routes?
  17. Are convex mirrors placed at blind spots?
  18. Are roadways well designed with surfaces well maintained?
  19. Is adequate lighting provided for operating during hours of darkness?

Safe vehicle

  1. Are procedures in place to carry checks and to report defects?
  2. If Yes to 1 - is this procedure being implemented effectively?
  3. Is there a servicing / maintenance schedule in place for vehicles?
  4. Have statutory examinations been completed for vehicles used for lifting?
  5. Is there a rule in place to ensure keys are removed from vehicles when not in use?
  6. Are adequate measures in place to ensure vehicle all round visibility?
  7. Are vehicles provided with horns, lights, reflectors, reversing alarms where necessary?
  8. Are lap belts available and used where appropriate?
  9. Is the cab maintained in a clean condition?

Safe driver

  1. Do drivers hold adequate license for the vehicles they are authorised to drive?
  2. Is there a programme of driver refresher training in place?
  3. Are there measures in place to prevent drivers falling from height during sheeting / loading activities?

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