Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG)

Every year many people die of work-related asbestos diseases, more than are killed on the roads, and this number is still rising. The Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG) works to bring about a reduction in the number of asbestos related diseases.


The Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG) is a forum of key stakeholders that works together in a constructive way to promote best standards and practice in relation to control and work with asbestos.

Information on the ALG terms of reference, ALG members, working groups and contact details can be accessed from the HSE website at the following link:

ALG memos

The ALG aims to promote measures that will bring about a reduction in the level of asbestos related diseases. The ALG publishes guidance material, in the form of ALG memos concerning work with asbestos. Its strategic work is detailed in the ALG workplan which takes forward the HSE strategy.

ALG memos do not have any legal status and they are not pieces of formal guidance from HSE(GB).  They offer the views of the ALG on particular issues.  

The following ALG memos are available on the HSE (GB) website: 

  • notification of licensed asbestos work (including HSE (GB) policy on requests to waive the 14 day notification period)
  • supervision of licensed asbestos work 
  • suitable and sufficient plans of work (aka method statements) 
  • the removal of external AIB soffits 
  • site documentation 
  • ancillary asbestos licences for scaffolding 
  • asbestos licences and the role of consultants 
  • maintenance of air extraction equipment and Class 'H' vacuum cleaners in the asbestos industry

Click on the following link to access the ALG memos: