The Condition Management Programme (CMP)

Mental & Physical health conditions can keep construction workers out of work. Accessing the Condition Management Programme (CMP) might help

*In light of the COVID-19 circumstances the Condition Management Programme has been temporarily suspended. The Health & Social Care staff who deliver the Programme have been temporarily redeployed to mainstream NHS *

CMP is currently being offered, as part of a work related health pilot , to help those in construction who are self-employed or working for a small company, employing less than 10.

The main aim of this service will be to enable individuals with mental or physical health conditions to continue to work i.e. stay in work, return to work if on sick leave, or explore future employment/ retraining options.

Once an individual contacts the service arrangements will be made for a healthcare professional to carry out an initial assessment, with a tailor made/individual action plan being developed and agreed.

This action plan may involve the individuals working with a variety of health care practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, and Mental Health Nurses etc. Using strategies to enable participants to manage a range of issues depending on the individual’s needs to include the following:

  • Managing stress anxiety, low mood and depression,
  • coping with pain and fatigue,
  • relaxation techniques,
  • communicating with confidence,
  • Developing a healthier lifestyle etc.

CITBN and HSENI are supportive and are helping promote this programme specifically within the construction sector where both mental and physical health conditions can result in workers being out of the workplace.

Might CMP help you?  Check out the flowchart for more details

You can also contact the CMP office in the Trust area convenient to you, should you wish to speak to someone or access the service directly.