Farm accident survivor stories - HSENI YouTube videos

HSENI has produced powerful YouTube videos which feature local farmers recalling their serious farm accidents and how these accidents have affected their lives.

Alexander Martin

Alexander Martin was seriously injured when attacked by a bull on his County Down farm. Alexander admits he was lucky not to be killed but he was unable to work properly for months and had to hire in help to keep his farm going.

William Sayers

William Sayers from County Tyrone relates how as a boy on his family farm he lost an arm, and almost his life, when he was in an accident involving an unguarded PTO shaft.

Alex Walker

Following a near fatal incident when mixing slurry, Co. Antrim farmer Alex Walker, spent a night in hospital followed by weeks of severe headaches and fatigue. As Alex now realises, this accident could have been prevented.

​Wallace Gregg

Former president of the Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster (YFCU), Wallace Gregg relates how his eight year old son was injured in an accident. Wallace's story highlights the dangers to children on farms.