UK REACH Competent Authority


In the UK, the Competent Authority is hosted by the Health and Safety Executive, working with the Environment Agency and other government departments.

The Competent Authority’s responsibilities under REACH are to:

  • Provide advice to interested parties on their respective responsibilities under REACH through a ‘helpdesk'
  • Enforce compliance with registration.
  • Conduct in depth evaluation of selected prioritised substances and prepare draft decisions.
  • Consider the identification of substances of very high concern for authorisation.
  • Consider whether substances need to be managed through restrictions.
  • Nominate candidates to membership of ECHA committees on risk assessment and socio-economic analysis.
  • Appoint members for the Member State committee.
  • Appoint a member to the Forum for Information Exchange and meet to discuss enforcement matters.
  • Liaise as appropriate with relevant enforcing organisations in relation to downstream responsibilities under REACH, e.g. the implementation by users of the risk management measures designated by suppliers; the adherence to restrictions or to the refusal of authorisation.

The competent authority helpdesk cannot:

  • Respond to complaints about the operation of REACH at the European level(ECHA/European Commission)
  • Provide input to any assessments being conducted by industry
  • Give views/opinions on draft assessments
  • Get involved in Substance Information Exchange Foras (SIEFs)
  • Provide support on policy issues (Defra)


You can contact the UK CA helpdesk by emailing 

or by post:

UK REACH CA Helpdesk
5S.1 Redgrave Court
L20 7HS