HSENI Agricultural Contractors practical advice programme

Date published: 14 March 2017

HSENI are responsible for the promotion and enforcement of health and safety standards on farms and we are planning to engage with agricultural contractors throughout the province in 2017 / 2018.

Agricultural Contractors

The first stage of this targeted programme is to offer agricultural contractors practical advice on the steps they need to take to keep people safe and to stay within the law. This will be done through a programme of advisory visits. These visits will be carried out by HSENI’s business advisers who will discuss with agriculture contractors areas such as -

  • how they currently manage health and safety
  • highlight where changes (if any) are required to meet the minimum standard required by law
  • consider what improvements can be made (if any) to improve health and safety for the contractor, their employees and others

When arranging the visits, we are aware that agriculture contractors are generally very busy during late spring and over the summer months so we will avoid any visits during this period.

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