New Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

Date published: 11 March 2016


The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment has, on 11 March 2016, made a Statutory Rule entitled 'Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2016' (S.R. 2016 No. 146) ('CDM 2016').

New Regulations

CDM 2016 will come into operation on 1 August 2016 and will replace CDM 2007.

The new Regulations maintain the framework for management of health and safety risks established by the earlier Regulations but are shorter and substantially simpler in structure.

The main difference between the 2016 and 2007 Regulations is that the previous CDM Co-ordinator role is replaced by a Principal Designer who will have a more central role in the project.

Schedule 5 of the new Regulations provides transitional provisions so that, where an existing project has a CDM Co-ordinator, a Principal Designer must be appointed within 12 months of 1 August 2016, unless the project ends before that date. During the transitional period the CDM Co-ordinator must fulfil the duties set out in Schedule 5. 

The Regulations will be included in the list of subordinate legislation on the HSENI website and in due course there will also be a link to a copy of the Regulations on the website:

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