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Managing work-related stress workshops/webinars - registration forms

Published 11 May 2021FormsPromotional material

Example COVID-19 workplace risk assessment template

Published 08 January 2021FormsAdvice and Guidance

Report of a case of disease

Published 13 October 2020Forms

Notification of new construction project - NI10

Published 13 October 2020Forms

Report of a dangerous gas fitting (NI2508G2)

Published 06 June 2019Forms

Notification of licensed asbestos removal

Published 06 June 2019Forms

Registration of diving contractors

Published 03 October 2018Forms

WISHNI logo use - Application form

Published 17 July 2018Forms

Licensed contractor new handover form

Published 13 March 2018Forms

HSENI Appointed Doctor Audit Form

Published 16 January 2018Forms