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Recent research has indicated that workplace ill health is estimated to be costing the Northern Ireland economy over £264 million per year. In Northern Ireland alone it is estimated that 354 people die each year due to work-related disease. Many other occupational ill health conditions have a serious impact upon an individual’s quality of life and that of their family.

Information on estimated work-related ill health statistics for Northern Ireland and how they have been compiled is available within most recent publications below.

HSENI is committed to raising awareness and providing simple, practical advice regarding work related health matters. HSENI’s Corporate Plan for 2023-2028 has identified three key occupational health priorities, namely:

  • occupational lung diseases
  • occupational cancers
  • musculoskeletal disorders & work-related stress

As part of a partnership approach to raising the profile of work-related health in Northern Ireland, the Workplace Health Leadership Group Northern Ireland (WHLGNI) was established on 10 August 2016. HSENI supports the work of the group as they seek to ensure that the management of occupational health is given the priority in Northern Ireland that it warrants.

Further information and advice on a range of workplace health topics can be found on the topics page.


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