Review Date: 9 August 2021

Under certain regulations, employers have a duty to ensure workers are placed under ‘statutory medical surveillance’ by an ‘appointed doctor’. This webpage explains these duties and outlines the role of appointed doctors and appointment procedures. It will be of interest to employers that need to arrange statutory medical surveillance, and both established appointed doctors and doctors interested in becoming appointed.

HSENI and the role of appointed doctors

An appointed doctor is a registered medical practitioner appointed by HSENI to undertake statutory medical surveillance.  HSENI is responsible for the following regulations where medical surveillance conducted by an appointed doctor may be required:

  • Ionising Radiations Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2017
  • Control of Lead at Work Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003
  • Control of Asbestos Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003 as amended
  • Work in Compressed Air Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2004

These responsibilities include:

  • reviewing and maintaining the regulations, Approved Codes of Practice and guidance
  • enforcing the regulations
  • responding to requests for information and advice
  • appointing suitably qualified medical practitioners to conduct medical surveillance.

Please note that appointed doctors are required to complete HSENI forms and NOT those of HSE which may be contained within HSE guidance documents.  These forms should be emailed to the following address:

Doctors newly appointed can now work for more than one company in the first year however for Control of Lead at Work Regulations (NI) 2003 one of the following three criteria is to be met:

  • you have undertaken training for appointed doctors on lead (provide copy of training certificate)
  • you have previously been appointed under the Control of Lead at Work Regulations (NI) 2003 and have conducted medical surveillance on lead workers (provide copy of previous certificate of appointment)
  • you will initially be supervised by an experienced appointed doctor who has conducted medical surveillance under the Control of Lead at Work Regulations (NI) 2003 (provide name and PIN of appointed doctor)

Currently appointed HSE doctors can be considered for appointment under any Northern Ireland regulation by providing their HSE certificate and a completed HSENI MS38 form and return them to HSENI at the following address:

If your appointment requires you to undertake specific refresher training (for example for an appointment under the Ionising Radiation Regulations (NI) 2000) you are responsible for ensuring you keep your training certificate up to date.

Information for employers

You have a legal duty to ensure your employees are under medical surveillance by a doctor appointed by HSENI, if they work with specific hazards and undertake certain work activities, covered by the relevant regulations listed below as approved for use in Northern Ireland.

The purpose of statutory medical surveillance is for the appointed doctor to monitor your employees for early signs of potential health problems caused by the work they are doing and provide them with advice on whether further exposure to the particular hazard is appropriate. The appointed doctor should also make you aware of any emerging health issues so you can review your risk assessment and ensure risks to your employees’ health are properly controlled.

If you need an appointed doctor, you can search the online lists of appointed doctors.  If you wish to use a doctor who is not on that list, they will need to apply to HSENI for an appointment.  To become appointed, the doctor will need to meet criteria set by HSENI. 

Although appointed by HSENI, appointed doctors are not employed by HSENI. The company requiring statutory medical surveillance is responsible for agreeing conditions of service and payments with the appointed doctor.

HSENI list of appointed doctors:

Information for appointed doctors

Information on the appointment and renewal process can be found on the HSE website at the following link:


HSENI forms  must be used and emailed to HSENI at the following email address:


If you wish to appeal any decision send the request in an email to the following address:

Appointed doctors - Asbestos

Information for employers on medical surveillance for work with asbestos can be found on the following HSENI webpage: 

Appointed doctor forms relating to work with asbestos can be downloaded from the following links: 

The certificate of medical examination (HSENI MS72A) form is available by request from HSENI at the following email address:

Appointed doctors - Compressed air

HSENI has no current appointed doctor forms relating to compressed air.  For general information on compressed air please see the following HSENI webpage at the following link:

Appointed doctors - COSHH

Appointed doctor information on COSHH health surveillance can be found at the following link:

Appointed doctors - Ionising Radiation

Appointed doctor information on ionising radiation can be found at the following link: HSE Guidance for Appointed Doctors on the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017

Appointed doctors - Lead

Information on working with lead and its compounds can be found on the HSENI Lead webpage at the following link:

Appointed doctors forms relating to work with lead and its compounds can be downloaded from the following links:

More information 

If you have any questions relating to appointed doctors not answered within this website or if you are an appointed doctor with an enquiry about your appointment please contact HSENI at the following email address:

You can also find more information on HSENI's General Practitioners and Employment Medical Advisory Service web pages at the following links: