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Safe maintenance - tyre changing

Published 29 May 2012Advice and Guidance

HSENI Equality Action Plan 2011-2015

Published 27 April 2012policypapers

Section 75 report to the Equality Commission

Published 25 April 2012Impact assessments

HSENI’s draft Equality Scheme consultation exercise

Published 25 April 2012Consultationspolicypapers

3rd IOELV Directive - Regulatory Impact Assessment

Published 01 March 2012Impact assessments

Child safety on farms word search sheet

Published 18 February 2012Promotional material

Sammy Safe and Harry Harm colouring sheets

Published 15 February 2012Promotional material

Reducing manual handling of plasterboard - best practice guidance

Published 20 January 2012Advice and Guidance

Important guidance if you are building or renovating your own home.

Published 27 November 2011Advice and Guidance

Safe maintenance checklist

Published 27 September 2011Advice and Guidance

Managing fire safety in the workplace

Published 31 August 2011Advice and Guidance

HSENI Corporate Plan 2011-2015

Published 30 August 2011Corporate plans

Bull safety

Published 05 August 2011Advice and Guidance

Permits to work in isolation

Published 27 June 2011Advice and Guidance