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Developing and implementing workplace drugs and alcohol policies

Published 29 August 2003Advice and Guidance

Workplace drugs and alcohol policies - information for workers

Published 23 August 2003Advice and Guidance

L132 Control of lead at work - GB ACOP approved for use in NI

Published 07 February 2003Advice and Guidance

Balancing disability rights and health and safety requirements

Published 14 November 2002Advice and Guidance

Skin care - keep your top on

Published 17 May 2002Advice and Guidance

L128 The use of electricity in mines - GB ACOP approved for use in NI

Published 01 November 2001Advice and Guidance

Pesticides incidents

Published 06 September 2000FormsAdvice and Guidance

L93 Approved tank requirements - GB ACOP approved for use in NI

Published 20 May 1997Advice and Guidance

Personal Protective Equipment at Work – Guidance on Regulations

Published 01 January 1994Advice and Guidance

Petroleum Spirit (Plastic Containers) - NI ACOP

Published 01 June 1983Advice and Guidance