WISHNI - Online Workshop- Managing work-related stress

The WISHNI Forum recently held an online workshop to provide practical advice and guidance to its Members in managing work-related stress. This online workshop was delivered on the 26th May 2021 by HSENI’s Mental Well-being at Work Advisory Team.

This interactive workshop covered the key elements of the HSE’s Management Standards for work-related stress and the associated 5 step risk assessment approach. During the webinar delegates were informed of their legal responsibilities associated with managing work-related stress, and provided with advice and guidance on how to carry out an individual risk assessment by structuring their conversation around the HSE Management Standards. The webinar provided the opportunity for Members to share their experiences with each other and focus on their responsibilities and role in managing cases of work related stress amongst their workforce.

During the workshop delegates talked through a number of ‘What would you do?’ work-based scenarios and considered appropriate steps to deal with each. The workshop received excellent feedback from delegates who are now better informed and equipped to implement the HSE Management Standards approach within their business.

To find out more information on the HSENI Mental Well-being at Work Advisory Team and how they can help your organisation please contact a mental well-being at work advisor as follows: