WISHNI - Strategy and promotion of safety

The Waste Industry Safety and Health forum for Northern Ireland (WISHNI) is made up from representatives from the waste management and recycling industry in Northern Ireland. Representatives are all volunteers from private sector companies, local government and HSENI who give of their time and expertise free of charge.

WISHNI Strategy

WISHNI has a single aim: to help improve health and safety standards within the waste industry.

In support of that aim, WISHNI members have defined the following strategy.

WISHNI will act as a steering group which will oversee working groups tasked with specific initiatives designed to improve health and safety performance within the waste industry.

WISHNI will harness the collective knowledge of its membership to help individuals; representative bodies; employers and other organisations secure a safe and healthy workplace.

WISHNI will provide information, guidance and assistance to the industry where possible in efforts to improve health and safety standards.

WISHNI will target organisations and encourage them to take part in planned initiatives or undertake other such actions so as to improve health and safety standards.

Promotion of safety

The WISHNI Ambassador Programme.

In order to recognise and promote best practice within the industry WISHNI also sponsors an annual Ambassador Programme. Companies and local authorities submit examples of how they instill high quality safety or health initiatives into the workplace. These examples are also disseminated across the industry.

The waste industry recognises that to meet the challenges of waste reduction in NI it is essential that we engage with the brightest young minds available. WISHNI partners with the Environmental Health faculty of the University of Ulster to promote the Student Ambassador Award. Year 2 students are invited to research and present a paper on a given waste industry topic, which have always been to a very high standard.